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Kristen A. - We loved the show! Thank you Stone Cold Country for keeping great country music alive! You guys were great. Every song was a great choice and so much talent on stage. You will definitely see us again in the future!

Deb M.K. - A fun country music dance band, with four very experienced and talented band members. Highly recommend them!

Kathleen W. - Stone Cold Country is a great band, excellent song choices. Great dance band!

Rose Marie B.K. - Definitely look forward to your performances & rave about you often. Thank you!! you are the BEST! We had a blast dancing. Can't wait to catch you again.

Donna B. - This is a great country band with great character.

Norma S. - Awesome!! What a great band, best use to check them out!!!! Can't wait to see them again!! A very personal band and they mingle with the crowd!

Sherry D. - This is a Fantastic Band! If you are looking for a Great Night out, this is the band you want to see!

Karen W. - Great entertainers!

Fred W. - Excellent music!

Jeremy G. - You guys were awesome. Had a wonderful time.

Jaynell G. - So much fun, great friends and amazing music. Definitely one of my favorite bands of all times!

Deborah S.S. - Really enjoyed them, will definitely go to more!

Mary L. - Loved your music. Will definitely come to see the band again.

Tammy P.B. - We had so much fun last night at the show. Looking forward to your next show in our neck of the woods.

Greg S. - Thank you guys for a wonderful show.

Marsha C. - You guys were great!!

Beth D.B. - We absolutely enjoyed your show last night!!! Looking forward to catching you guys again!.

Holly H. - My favorite band...hi guys!

Tammy F.D. - Such a fun night!

Megan P. - You guys were amazing! Evelyn loved playing with you guys!

Debbie L. - Amazing show last night!!

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