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Our stone cold story...

Our story began when the last band (Blue Steel Band) ended due to various reasons (including the impact of the pandemic). Dusty and Mick talked about continuing with a new concept. It would be something with a focus on '90s country (some before, some after). It would be a four piece band with efficient lights and sound (quality, but a smaller footprint). It would be about having fun and more importantly, about the music we love. So, please know we are unapologetically committed to performing mostly '90s country music!

We were lucky to find two more very like minded people in Bryan and Steady Eddie. Very quickly this became something extremely special. True friendships developed and we are very grateful! To be honest, some would say being in a band that doesn't include drama and personality issues is very hard to do...we are lucky!


However, none of this would have mattered if we didn't find places and people to play for who also love the music we love. Well, that happened! We've been received so well at every show and we thank you so much for your support and appreciation! 

Thank you...

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